Aryan Express Cargo

Aryan Express Cargo is one of the leading air freight companies in Dubai, UAE.

For all kivd of shipping services so you can feel comfortable and reassure, You need to try Aryan International

Where is Aryan Express located?

✓ Aryan is located in the international city of Dubai of the United Arab Emirates . and it is in the Middle East region.

✓ in The city of Dubai,Aryan, is considred one of the best leading companies that you can visit

Aryan Express Cargo

Why exactly is Aryan Express?

✓ Because you are looking for accuracy, efficiency, commitment, flexibility, safety and also looking for speed .

Aryan Express provides you with all these things and more.

✓ Also, you are looking to save your time and not to waste it . in useless procedures, papers, calls and referrals. so Aryan  provides you with all logistical solutions because it can finish the procedure before you feel it and get back to work quickly.

You are also looking for efficient and effective shipping, unparalleled cargo insurance services, as well as immediate shipments that save time and ensure products arrive

✓ You must also think about the customs services . and the procedures they may face you! Do not worry, Aryan  provides you with the ability to end these procedures easily and easily, which you will not find

In short , all you have to do is communicate with the company and then return to your work and your normal daily life to find what you require that will reach you on time or before, including all supplies

✓ Customer comfort is number one for us in Aryan Express Cargo .

and it is our number one motto that we will not risk losing it under any circumstances.

 ✓ We provide our clients with a highly qualified, specialized and trained team for optimally meeting all customer needs.

You never have to worry about time, our services are distinguished by their performance in record time

. ✓ Also, don’t worry about demurrage, there will be no delays from Aryan Express

According to customers’ requirements , we provide you with insurance on all types of goods in order to give you more confidence in your goods.

✓ MM quality packaging services are available.

The main feature of Aryan Express Air Cargo Services

✓ There are delivery services all over the world to the place you want , from door to door according to your desires

✓ Air transport flights are one of the best things . that distinguish us and what our specialized team excels at.

The documents necessary to terminate the customs services, as well as the permits for importing and exporting, consider them expired.

✓ You can shop freely and buy everything you need , as we can receive all your items from any area in Dubai, the Emirates or the rest of the world and deliver them safely to your overlooked destination

About some of Aryan Express services around the world

1 “Shipping cars from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE

✓ Aryan Express specializes in shipping and transporting cars from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Emirates .

to the Arab Gulf countries and all over the world in the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa

We guarantee speed, safety, efficiency, and professionalism.

✓ The prices are also incredibly competitive .

2Jet Ski Shipping

✓ If you are looking for the best logistical solutions to get your Jet Ski bike anywhere in the world .

this is available at Aryan Express and more .

Do not worry about your bike and do not worry that the shipping and storage service will affect it .

you will receive it as it is and on time, so you will not have to disrupt your outing with your friends because of the delay in shipping

✓ At Aryan  Express, we meet customers’ requests .

3 “Furniture transportation services

You want to furnish your home with the most luxurious and quality home furniture, but you are concerned about the shipping company and feel hesitant before contacting any company.

✓ It took longer to choose the shipping company with you than it took to choose the furniture itself?

Contact Aryan Express customers . before writing to us to feel safer and more comfortable .

. ✓ At Aryan, we take care of your needs . from storage to transportation and delivery around the world.

4 “Import and export services

✓ Whatever the type of goods you trade in, and if you want to export or import them from and to anywhere in the world, we at Aryan  provide you with the right price, and the lowest cost For all commercial container weights, save time for import and export procedures

✓ Aryan Express Air Transport is a shoulder you can totally rely on.

Aryan Express Cargo

The role of Aryan Express in the air freight process, which makes it a reliable company

✓ Aryan receives the goods from the sender .

and provides packing , storage, packaging and shipping services .

in boxes and cartons according to the needs of each type of goods.

✓ The company also assists the sender , and consignee in completing all the procedures .

and documents required for the export process when the goods are shipped or received.

✓ The company also assists in the customs clearance process in order to shorten the time and effort of customers.

✓ The company selects the best airlines and selects the appropriate flights .

to transport goods smoothly and safely to the desired destination

. ✓ The company helps you finish all.

✓ Aryan  also provides insurance services on all shipments and all types of goods for more safety for customers.

Comprehensive cargo and cargo inspection of Ariane Express

The company will provide a thorough inspection of all cargo and cargo in several stages:

Inspect the type of shipment or goods and ascertain the number, type and destination .

from which it is received, as well as the destination to which it must be delivered.

Carry out a repacking of the shipment.

to obtain the best possible volumetric weight in order to reduce freight rates for customers.

The company also sorts the types of shipments .

that are fragile or damaged, or that contain dangerous materials or flammable materials .

in order to treat them in the appropriate manner.

Aryan Express Cargo

What is the volumetric weight and how is it calculated?

Volumetric weight is determined according to the space occupied by the shipment in relation to its actual weight.

The more space the shipment takes, the greater the volumetric weight, the higher the shipping costs.

Aryan Express takes care of these details and repackages the shipment to avoid any increase in volumetric weight .

The volumetric weight is calculated using the following equation: (weight x volume x height) / division factor 6000.

What are the steps that must be taken to complete the air shipment of cargo?

✓ A contract is concluded between the airline and the air freight company .

in which all conditions and obligations between all parties are clarified.

The air freight company receives the goods and prepares an “Air Waybill” .

which includes detailed information on the size, weight and type of the goods to be delivered.

✓ prepare the bill of loading because it contains information about the shipping company .

the consignor and the consignee who will receive the goods.

It is necessary to clarify the details of the addressee.

including his name, address, contact numbers, and the time period specified for delivery.

✓ The policy also contains information about the airport of arrival, the airport of shipment and other data.

The shipping company shall notify the consignee of the time of arrival of the shipment .

and shall deliver it in the number, weight and condition agreed upon under the bill of lading.

✓ The shipping company is obligated to compensate the consignee if the goods are damaged.

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