Air freight from the Emirates to Saudi Arabia

The United Arab Emirates , is the largest air carrier in the world .

and Emirati air transport operations are increasing and expanding, even to include almost every gap in the world.

Aryan Express , has the lion’s share , of those flights .

wherever you want to go and where you’ve been in the world. Air freight from the Emirates to the KSA

Air freight from the Emirates to the KSA

The UAE is the main destination for almost all Arab countries .

as well as for the whole world . when it comes to transporting goods and all types of shipments .

due to its excellence and commitment.

Aryan Express , provides a distinguished air transport service .

from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah to all THE regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

in a safe and effective manner.

Aryan  Express is also distinguished, by distinct storage, packaging, and packaging methods .

that ensure the safety of merchandise of all kinds and ensure the customer’s comfort when receiving them.

Air freight from the Emirates to the KSA

Air Transport Roads from Emirates to Saudi Arabia

✓ ARYAN Express , provides air FREIGHT services .

from the Kingdom of the United Arab all cities of t the KSA .

such as Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Khobar, , King Abdullah Economic City, Hail, Hafr Al Batin, Hawtha Bani Tamim and other Saudi cities.

✓ Aryan Express has all types of trucks and containers of all sizes to accommodate all types of goods of all sizes and types.

Advantages of Emirates to Saudi Air Transport

Fast delivery.

Efficiency, quality, and professionalism.

Good handling , and absolute cooperation .

Providing assistance in all customs clearance procedures and all other documents .

Provide the necessary advice when needed to produce the best possible results.

Providing electronic services to be able to speed up the request .

and know the information quickly and practically .

with a full team quickly responding to your e – mails and clarifying all your queries

Providing all practical and logistical solutions .

to meet the customer’s need . from storage , shipping, packaging, and packaging.

Diversity of shipping methods according to need, such as the use of wooden boxes and metal containers also use tapes, nylon, foam, polygon cardboard and many more.

Aryan also has a specialized team .

that is characterized by professionalism , speed , efficiency of disassembly and installation .

and creativity in storage and packaging methods.

Aryan also has insurance service for all types of goods to give you more confidence and objectivity.

Also, the Aryan team follows up on a continuous basis until the shipment arrives safely and is delivered from hand to hand.

Air freight from the Emirates to the KSA

How to air freight by Aryan Express from Emirates for the KSA

When you start choosing a company to transport your goods . whether personal or commercial .

you may find it confusing, especially if you are new to importing goods.

Thinking a lot about , how to move this size and this number without getting damaged!

Here is a brief overview of some types of containers , used in Aryan Express .

so you can be sure of your belongings.

1Dry Containers

They are the most common and used type.

Used to transport dry and solid materials .

There are different sizes and dimensions ranging from 20 to 40 feet.

This type is characterized by strength, rigidity and weather resistance to maintain and deliver goods safely.

2Flat Rack Containers

 ✓ These containers , have flexible sides .

that can be folded down to accommodate very heavy goods .

such as construction equipment and supplies, and other heavy machinery.

3Top Open Containers

✓ This type has a completely removable top and is specially made for high-altitude shipments.

4 Tunnel Containers

✓ As the name suggests, they are open-sided containers, which facilitates loading and unloading operations.

✓ It is also used for dry and hard goods.

5Open Side Containers

✓ A type of container that opens from one side . (the side , with the largest length)

which is specific to the types of shipping specified in size, weight and number to facilitate its loading and unloading.

6 Refrigerated Containers

 ✓ Especially used for temperature sensitive products such as seafood.

7) Insulated Thermal Containers

This type is best suited for transporting goods over long distances.

because it can withstand high temperatures, as is the case in many regions of Saudi Arabia.

✓ It also bears fluctuations  of the weather for long periods.

If you are anywhere in Saudi Arabia and are concerned about the time factor, you can count on us

Whatever your location is in the cities of Saudi Arabia .

You don’t have to worry about your goods or valuables being delayed.

The time factor makes a difference in your business, try relying on Aryan Express flights.

Aryan Express flights are among the fastest flights that you can rely on. Our team’s goal is to satisfy customers and meet their needs.

✓ UAE air freight, especially Aryan Express air freight, is one of the best, and fastest solutions .

as it accommodates all types of containers to transport various goods.

How to air freight from Dubai to Riyadh

Aryan Express has all the safety and quality means necessary for the air transport process from Dubai to Riyadh.

Moving furniture, cars, bicycles, etc.safely .

Aryan guarantees , the arrival of your goods .

from Dubai to Riyadh safely, securely, quickly and without exposure to potential shipping risks, due to the availability of all solutions that guarantee this.

Air freight from Dubai to Riyadh

✓ Aryan Express , provides all means and ways to deliver your belongings , and requirements .

from all regions of the Emirates to King Khalid International Airport or anywhere you are in riyadh city

Cargo insurance services from Aryan .

reflect the credibility and desire to provide all possible comforts to customers.

At Aryan Express, we strive to provide air freight services .

according to specific criteria for the convenience of customers and gain their trust.

We also , provide all these services and more at competitive prices.

Air freight from the Emirates to the KSA

Air freight to Jeddah

One time deal with Aryan Express by air freight and you will become one of our regular customers.

Anywhere in Jeddah, we will reach you and guarantee you all solutions to save you time, effort and money.

We also have many logistical solutions .

to provide , all the required amenities .

from customs clearance and clearance of bills of lading and unloading with standard specifications under the supervision of professional team .

Aryan Express , is also honored to provide all the necessary advices, and instructions .

for the convenience of our customers in the city of Jeddah.

Air freight to Dammam city

✓ The flexibility , of the air freight process .

Aryan Express allows us to communicate with all THE Saudi cities .

efficiently and quickly and to ensure that the shipment arrives without damage or corruption of any kind.

✓ For all our customers , in the city of Dammam .

we guarantee you speed, flexibility and the cooperation of the entire work team ,

to meet your requests.

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