Aryan Express Cargo

Aryan Express Cargo is one of the leading air freight companies in Dubai, UAE.

For all kivd of shipping services so you can feel comfortable and reassure, You need to try Aryan International

Where is Aryan Express located?

✓ Aryan is located in the international city of Dubai of the United Arab Emirates . and it is in the Middle East region.

✓ in The city of Dubai,Aryan, is considred one of the best leading companies that you can visit

Aryan Express Cargo

Why exactly is Aryan Express?

✓ Because you are looking for accuracy, efficiency, commitment, flexibility, safety and also looking for speed .

Aryan Express provides you with all these things and more.

✓ Also, you are looking to save your time and not to waste it . in useless procedures, papers, calls and referrals. so Aryan  provides you with all logistical solutions because it can finish the procedure before you feel it and get back to work quickly.

You are also looking for efficient and effective shipping, unparalleled cargo insurance services, as well as immediate shipments that save time and ensure products arrive

✓ You must also think about the customs services . and the procedures they may face you! Do not worry, Aryan  provides you with the ability to end these procedures easily and easily, which you will not find

In short , all you have to do is communicate with the company and then return to your work and your normal daily life to find what you require that will reach you on time or before, including all supplies

✓ Customer comfort is number one for us in Aryan Express Cargo .

and it is our number one motto that we will not risk losing it under any circumstances.

 ✓ We provide our clients with a highly qualified, specialized and trained team for optimally meeting all customer needs.

You never have to worry about time, our services are distinguished by their performance in record time

. ✓ Also, don’t worry about demurrage, there will be no delays from Aryan Express

According to customers’ requirements , we provide you with insurance on all types of goods in order to give you more confidence in your goods.

✓ MM quality packaging services are available.

The main feature of Aryan Express Air Cargo Services

✓ There are delivery services all over the world to the place you want , from door to door according to your desires

✓ Air transport flights are one of the best things . that distinguish us and what our specialized team excels at.

The documents necessary to terminate the customs services, as well as the permits for importing and exporting, consider them expired.

✓ You can shop freely and buy everything you need , as we can receive all your items from any area in Dubai, the Emirates or the rest of the world and deliver them safely to your overlooked destination

About some of Aryan Express services around the world

1 “Shipping cars from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE

✓ Aryan Express specializes in shipping and transporting cars from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Emirates .

to the Arab Gulf countries and all over the world in the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa

We guarantee speed, safety, efficiency, and professionalism.

✓ The prices are also incredibly competitive .

2Jet Ski Shipping

✓ If you are looking for the best logistical solutions to get your Jet Ski bike anywhere in the world .

this is available at Aryan Express and more .

Do not worry about your bike and do not worry that the shipping and storage service will affect it .

you will receive it as it is and on time, so you will not have to disrupt your outing with your friends because of the delay in shipping

✓ At Aryan  Express, we meet customers’ requests .

3 “Furniture transportation services

You want to furnish your home with the most luxurious and quality home furniture, but you are concerned about the shipping company and feel hesitant before contacting any company.

✓ It took longer to choose the shipping company with you than it took to choose the furniture itself?

Contact Aryan Express customers . before writing to us to feel safer and more comfortable .

. ✓ At Aryan, we take care of your needs . from storage to transportation and delivery around the world.

4 “Import and export services

✓ Whatever the type of goods you trade in, and if you want to export or import them from and to anywhere in the world, we at Aryan  provide you with the right price, and the lowest cost For all commercial container weights, save time for import and export procedures

✓ Aryan Express Air Transport is a shoulder you can totally rely on.

Aryan Express Cargo

The role of Aryan Express in the air freight process, which makes it a reliable company

✓ Aryan receives the goods from the sender .

and provides packing , storage, packaging and shipping services .

in boxes and cartons according to the needs of each type of goods.

✓ The company also assists the sender , and consignee in completing all the procedures .

and documents required for the export process when the goods are shipped or received.

✓ The company also assists in the customs clearance process in order to shorten the time and effort of customers.

✓ The company selects the best airlines and selects the appropriate flights .

to transport goods smoothly and safely to the desired destination

. ✓ The company helps you finish all.

✓ Aryan  also provides insurance services on all shipments and all types of goods for more safety for customers.

Comprehensive cargo and cargo inspection of Ariane Express

The company will provide a thorough inspection of all cargo and cargo in several stages:

Inspect the type of shipment or goods and ascertain the number, type and destination .

from which it is received, as well as the destination to which it must be delivered.

Carry out a repacking of the shipment.

to obtain the best possible volumetric weight in order to reduce freight rates for customers.

The company also sorts the types of shipments .

that are fragile or damaged, or that contain dangerous materials or flammable materials .

in order to treat them in the appropriate manner.

Aryan Express Cargo

What is the volumetric weight and how is it calculated?

Volumetric weight is determined according to the space occupied by the shipment in relation to its actual weight.

The more space the shipment takes, the greater the volumetric weight, the higher the shipping costs.

Aryan Express takes care of these details and repackages the shipment to avoid any increase in volumetric weight .

The volumetric weight is calculated using the following equation: (weight x volume x height) / division factor 6000.

What are the steps that must be taken to complete the air shipment of cargo?

✓ A contract is concluded between the airline and the air freight company .

in which all conditions and obligations between all parties are clarified.

The air freight company receives the goods and prepares an “Air Waybill” .

which includes detailed information on the size, weight and type of the goods to be delivered.

✓ prepare the bill of loading because it contains information about the shipping company .

the consignor and the consignee who will receive the goods.

It is necessary to clarify the details of the addressee.

including his name, address, contact numbers, and the time period specified for delivery.

✓ The policy also contains information about the airport of arrival, the airport of shipment and other data.

The shipping company shall notify the consignee of the time of arrival of the shipment .

and shall deliver it in the number, weight and condition agreed upon under the bill of lading.

✓ The shipping company is obligated to compensate the consignee if the goods are damaged.

Air freight

 What is meant by air freight?

Cargo shipping means that , it’s easy for goods to move from one place to another .

and from one country , to another .

using aircraft designed to transport all kinds of goods in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

And so it goes beyond the concept of air freight because it includes other services .

not just transportation, but a holistic concept of all necessary operations..

From the transport currency , to the process of packing , loading , storage , refrigeration , inspection , customs clearance and all operations .

that finally end with the receipt of the goods at their designated destination..

Air freight

The impact of air freight on economic fields

Undoubtedly , the development of the world around us.

and the openness of the world , to each other . until it became like a small village .

helped in the emergence of services .

Air freight services , offer the ease of exchanging products between countries .

and providing , all the products needed .

to facilitate people’s lives and keep them abreast of the latest developments in the world. This means that shipping continues to develop throughout the ages in order to upgrade the services provided. It is an important factor in stimulating trade.

Air freight

Air freight

The air freight service provides ease, speed and high efficiency in transporting goods and commodities of various shapes and sizes, starting with medical supplies and equipment going  from high perishable goods to high volume goods.

Aryan Express provides equipment and aircraft that can safely serve the cargo and delivery of products, providing freight agents from all over the world contracted by companies that transport all kinds of goods, ensuring total safety.

Air freight

Air freight mechanism

The air freight process , is carried out using equipment and supplies .

most notably airports equipped with the latest developments and equipment.

The goods are placed in shipping containers,

or continerates , rectangular boxes made of iron and steel . designed to withstand . all the harshness conditions .

Available in all sizes , and with standard specifications .

to ensure high quality and safety during shipment .

containers are sized , according to cargo sizes , and loaded onto gigantic airplanes .

You can load thousands of containers at a time. This type of shipping ensures speed, accessibility to all areas without any hassle. Ayan Express  is able to match cost and delivery date with an assurance of competitive prices

Air freight

Types and methods of shipping goods through Aryan Express.

 Aryan  Express , provides air transportation service to various parts of the earth .

the ability to ship all products and goods, and a guarantee of safe transportation.

Aryan Express provides speed shipping and tracking .

from the start to delivery . and offers a variety of complementary and essential shipping services .

such as the preparation of all required documents , customs clearance , transportation , packaging ,

and storage in a secure manner . without damage or damage.

This means saving customers time and effort and not exposing them to unexpected material losses and damage.

The scope of providing services through Aryan Express

 Aryan Express , offers air freight service .

to all parts of the world and one of the most important examples in the Arab world .

and the countries of the Middle East is UAE.

An example in the Western world is America.

– America

 Aryan Express provides freight agents , at the highest level .

through which goods and merchandise are delivered to and from America .

in all its provinces and states , and this is done.

 through Baltimore Airport , San Antonio International and St. Louis


Goods are handled and shipped to and from the United Arab Emirates .

through freight agents .

located throughout the Emirates throughout the shipping  agents located in the UAE .

around the time cater for customers , are shipped to and from the UAE via various airports such as Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain International Airport, Sharjah and Dubai.

Exclusive integrated services provided by Aryan Express Company.

 The role of Aryan Express is not limited to loading and transporting goods ,

to and from aircraft but rather its role and services go beyond that .

Not to mention the expensive customs procedures .

and you can take advantage , of a variety of services from Aryan Express .

to provide a cargo insurance service .

this protects the goods from damage and also serves storage in company warehouses .

in different countries under certain conditions that guarantee the preservation of the goods.

Customs with all imported and exported goods .

through the availability of customs intermediaries facilitates procedures .

processes payments on behalf of customers .

and provides a commercial invoice that includes shipper information , communication routes , precise and detailed shipping details , export date , and destination of delivery .

This can speed up cargo liberalization procedures,

ensure delivery on time without delay or unexpectedly high customs duties .

and ensure that goods reach your warehouse.

Aryan Express also provides :

proper packaging and storage .

of goods in company stores around the world ensuring that all the necessary burdens are born .

Aryan Express makes every possible effort to improve shipping and achieve customer satisfaction.

Air freight

Customs clearance service at Aryan Express

The customs clearance process is one of the most important obstacles .

facing individuals and emerging institutions at the beginning of their work .

Providing a variety of services that provide customer comfort and effort .

from advising on all customs related issues to dealing fully on behalf of clients.

a major service here:

– Reducing the time required for the availability and receipt of shipments

– Availability of a working team equipped and trained to deal with the customs system .

such as the availability of customs brokers at the airports.

  Providing an electronic communication network .

that allows direct and quick interaction with the customs institution. Providing all the documents required by the customs authority, such as the statement of profanity, invoices

We Provid advicing to clients on how to deal with all customs issues.

Air freight from UAE

The UAE is considered , one of the three most important export and re-export centers in the world.

thanks to its continuous growth and development in the world.

As the strategic gateway , between East and West . and between developed , and emerging markets .

global trade opportunities in the UAE are significant and promising.

Supporting services, you can streamline your import and export chain . increase transport flexibility .

and reduce costs by exploiting daily air freight options and large carrier contracts to move cargo via air freight.

Aryan  Express in the UAE . Persian Gulf , and Middle East , provides the best logistical solution .

to complete all procedures from receipt to delivery in a short time, with appropriate prices provided by air freight.

Aryan Express Shipping Services , provides efficient document preparation .

and a comprehensive , cargo insurance arrangement .

instant access to a complete bag of detailed cargo transport information around the world, and customs clearance services.

Essentially, Aryan Express in the UAE and worldwide , relies on a variety of sophisticated logistics .

and airfreight solutions to meet your business needs.

Our many services , are important for shipment receipt .

and they help enhance your business efficiency and save you time and effort.

For the growth and development of businesses in general .

access to logistics is critical, especially for SMEs, as they often face challenges in finding solutions to their needs

An efficient and readily available logistics sector is needed to help businesses grow and compete in the global economic arena.

Air freight from UAE

What are Aryan Express Shipping Services in the UAE:

Aryan Express provides a range of services that it provides from the Emirates, which are as follows:

 _ Transporting commercial items between UAE cities at the lowest cost.

_Logistics services.

_Shipping personal items, where Aryan Express provides you with shipping at the lowest cost and shortest time.

There are many services provided by Aryan Express in air freight.

Dear customer, if there are business or personal items , and you want to ship them .

from the UAE to different countries . Aryan Express is the best option for you .

The advantages of Aryan Express’s services in air freight include:

we provide door-to-door air freight , or door-to-airport service .

as well as daily flights to all airports and cities of the world according to your wishes.

She has extensive experience in air freight operations and air transit operations.

Clearing most customs documents , and permitting export or import .

aryan express Provide packaging services for shipments of any kind .

we also Provide appropriate airlines to transport goods and services .

and Provide insurance service for air cargo, according to the customer’s desire .

Always strives to achieve your requirements in a short time and at the lowest cost.

Provides you with free shopping .

without fear of excess weight . and we can also receive shipments ,

from the Emirates or Dubai and all over, and deliver them to your desired destination

Always strive for quality service and gain the trust of the customer.

A professional and specialized team is at your service around the clock

We consider our company to be , the best option .

if you want to have efficient, high quality shipping, especially since Aryan Express ensures that your customer will get what you want with the least effort and cost

Air freight from UAE

Very distinctive logistics services:

Aryan Express provides ample space for logistics for any shipments.

We provide customs clearance , and other services.

in addition to providing air freight services in all their forms and manifestations through legal means.

Countries shipping laws are relatively different so Aryan Express is fully aware of all the laws .

relating to shipping in various Arab countries .

Packaging at Aryan Express Air Cargo:

One of the most important and needed steps , in the shipping journey is , the packaging service .

that is essential to the safety of shipments and the success of the business

Therefore, Aryan Express Air Cargo , provides a highly professional team .

that is fully aware of the different methods of protection for shipments .

and on the other hand , the company maintains the purposes , and uses different materials .

in packaging and packing shipments , and personal items to suit them.

Which includes: wooden and cardboard packaging boxes . of different sizes.

as well as wrapping paper, corrugated paper, packaging plastic and filling materials such as fiber, sponge and air bubbles.

Air freight from UAE

Customs clearance at Aryan Express Air Cargo:

Aryan Express Air Cargo Services is one of the largest customs clearance companies in Dubai .

and distinguished in this field, providing you with customs clearance services for shipments coming from the United Arab Emirates or to various countries.

Aryan Express Cargo Services has a distinguished team .

that is very familiar with the customs laws in the United Arab Emirates .

where we carry out the customs clearance process with high efficiency and speed

We also guarantee the delivery of shipments, to your warehouses .

throughout the United Arab Emirates.

regardless of the type of shipment and the type of imported material .

We guarantee that we have sufficient experience , to deal with various imported materials .

whether they are food, medical, electronic, electrical or other…

Aryan Express Air Cargo Services , also provides customs clearance .

for cars and motor vehicles across the United Arab Emirates.

Aryan Express always strives , to be the best choice .

for importers in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates . by providing its services with high accuracy and efficiency .

and the completion of customs clearance transactions , at low costs .

as well as saving a lot of expenses on customers, in addition to experience in dealing with the competent authorities.

Aryan Express assists its customers , in preparing all documents related to customs clearance .

in various parts of the world, as we strive to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Advantages of customs clearance services in the United Arab Emirates:

Great experience in finalizing customs procedures.

Saves you time and effort by completing customs procedures in a fast electronic way

Facilitating import and export operations

Providing the best cargo transportation services , for various goods .

from airports and materials after they are cleared and delivered to your premises.

Air freight from the Emirates to Saudi Arabia

The United Arab Emirates , is the largest air carrier in the world .

and Emirati air transport operations are increasing and expanding, even to include almost every gap in the world.

Aryan Express , has the lion’s share , of those flights .

wherever you want to go and where you’ve been in the world. Air freight from the Emirates to the KSA

Air freight from the Emirates to the KSA

The UAE is the main destination for almost all Arab countries .

as well as for the whole world . when it comes to transporting goods and all types of shipments .

due to its excellence and commitment.

Aryan Express , provides a distinguished air transport service .

from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah to all THE regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

in a safe and effective manner.

Aryan  Express is also distinguished, by distinct storage, packaging, and packaging methods .

that ensure the safety of merchandise of all kinds and ensure the customer’s comfort when receiving them.

Air freight from the Emirates to the KSA

Air Transport Roads from Emirates to Saudi Arabia

✓ ARYAN Express , provides air FREIGHT services .

from the Kingdom of the United Arab all cities of t the KSA .

such as Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Khobar, , King Abdullah Economic City, Hail, Hafr Al Batin, Hawtha Bani Tamim and other Saudi cities.

✓ Aryan Express has all types of trucks and containers of all sizes to accommodate all types of goods of all sizes and types.

Advantages of Emirates to Saudi Air Transport

Fast delivery.

Efficiency, quality, and professionalism.

Good handling , and absolute cooperation .

Providing assistance in all customs clearance procedures and all other documents .

Provide the necessary advice when needed to produce the best possible results.

Providing electronic services to be able to speed up the request .

and know the information quickly and practically .

with a full team quickly responding to your e – mails and clarifying all your queries

Providing all practical and logistical solutions .

to meet the customer’s need . from storage , shipping, packaging, and packaging.

Diversity of shipping methods according to need, such as the use of wooden boxes and metal containers also use tapes, nylon, foam, polygon cardboard and many more.

Aryan also has a specialized team .

that is characterized by professionalism , speed , efficiency of disassembly and installation .

and creativity in storage and packaging methods.

Aryan also has insurance service for all types of goods to give you more confidence and objectivity.

Also, the Aryan team follows up on a continuous basis until the shipment arrives safely and is delivered from hand to hand.

Air freight from the Emirates to the KSA

How to air freight by Aryan Express from Emirates for the KSA

When you start choosing a company to transport your goods . whether personal or commercial .

you may find it confusing, especially if you are new to importing goods.

Thinking a lot about , how to move this size and this number without getting damaged!

Here is a brief overview of some types of containers , used in Aryan Express .

so you can be sure of your belongings.

1Dry Containers

They are the most common and used type.

Used to transport dry and solid materials .

There are different sizes and dimensions ranging from 20 to 40 feet.

This type is characterized by strength, rigidity and weather resistance to maintain and deliver goods safely.

2Flat Rack Containers

 ✓ These containers , have flexible sides .

that can be folded down to accommodate very heavy goods .

such as construction equipment and supplies, and other heavy machinery.

3Top Open Containers

✓ This type has a completely removable top and is specially made for high-altitude shipments.

4 Tunnel Containers

✓ As the name suggests, they are open-sided containers, which facilitates loading and unloading operations.

✓ It is also used for dry and hard goods.

5Open Side Containers

✓ A type of container that opens from one side . (the side , with the largest length)

which is specific to the types of shipping specified in size, weight and number to facilitate its loading and unloading.

6 Refrigerated Containers

 ✓ Especially used for temperature sensitive products such as seafood.

7) Insulated Thermal Containers

This type is best suited for transporting goods over long distances.

because it can withstand high temperatures, as is the case in many regions of Saudi Arabia.

✓ It also bears fluctuations  of the weather for long periods.

If you are anywhere in Saudi Arabia and are concerned about the time factor, you can count on us

Whatever your location is in the cities of Saudi Arabia .

You don’t have to worry about your goods or valuables being delayed.

The time factor makes a difference in your business, try relying on Aryan Express flights.

Aryan Express flights are among the fastest flights that you can rely on. Our team’s goal is to satisfy customers and meet their needs.

✓ UAE air freight, especially Aryan Express air freight, is one of the best, and fastest solutions .

as it accommodates all types of containers to transport various goods.

How to air freight from Dubai to Riyadh

Aryan Express has all the safety and quality means necessary for the air transport process from Dubai to Riyadh.

Moving furniture, cars, bicycles, etc.safely .

Aryan guarantees , the arrival of your goods .

from Dubai to Riyadh safely, securely, quickly and without exposure to potential shipping risks, due to the availability of all solutions that guarantee this.

Air freight from Dubai to Riyadh

✓ Aryan Express , provides all means and ways to deliver your belongings , and requirements .

from all regions of the Emirates to King Khalid International Airport or anywhere you are in riyadh city

Cargo insurance services from Aryan .

reflect the credibility and desire to provide all possible comforts to customers.

At Aryan Express, we strive to provide air freight services .

according to specific criteria for the convenience of customers and gain their trust.

We also , provide all these services and more at competitive prices.

Air freight from the Emirates to the KSA

Air freight to Jeddah

One time deal with Aryan Express by air freight and you will become one of our regular customers.

Anywhere in Jeddah, we will reach you and guarantee you all solutions to save you time, effort and money.

We also have many logistical solutions .

to provide , all the required amenities .

from customs clearance and clearance of bills of lading and unloading with standard specifications under the supervision of professional team .

Aryan Express , is also honored to provide all the necessary advices, and instructions .

for the convenience of our customers in the city of Jeddah.

Air freight to Dammam city

✓ The flexibility , of the air freight process .

Aryan Express allows us to communicate with all THE Saudi cities .

efficiently and quickly and to ensure that the shipment arrives without damage or corruption of any kind.

✓ For all our customers , in the city of Dammam .

we guarantee you speed, flexibility and the cooperation of the entire work team ,

to meet your requests.

Air freight from the Emirates to Kuwait

Aryan Express Air Cargo from UAE to Kuwait.

Aryan Express Shipping Company is one of the best leading freight companies in Dubai .

has freight by land and sea.

the most important of which is air freight to and from many countries of the world .

while providing the best logistics services and meeting air freight solutions .

that facilitate all requirements to increase the care of goods to be shipped by air and arriving safely.

The Aryan Express has a very innovative team in its private air freight service .

because it’s one of the most important services that many people use .

because it has a lot of unique features and services .

that everyone wants to find in a shipping company.

To give them what they need. which is what makes them better than other shipping routes and our company.

Our company, Aryan Express, is looking to continually improve its air freight service .

and provide new and unique services.

because of the increased demand . The company is responsible for the flexibility of this service.

It provides its best and best staff for the air freight service.

to maintain its quality and its name .

which has endeavoured, researching, developing .

and doing more and more to get to where it is now .

and to deliver what it wants in its best form.

Air freight from the Emirates to Kuwait

aryan Express headquarters

Our prestigious company, known nominally and in fact, is based in the best places that we all know, and this location is Dubai “UAE”.

How is airfreight from the Emirates to Kuwait

The shipping process is carried out in our prestigious and well-known company, Arabian Express, through a reliable way. Aryan Express Shipping Company works to provide documents and guarantees integrated on goods.

 It also provides the latest technology .

for air freight and the safety of goods until their arrival in Kuwait, the country to which they are being transported.

Also, allowing all routes of transport via air freight where import and export, delivery of goods at the port, and what also has the advantage of being able to transport them from door to airport and from door to door. In types of goods, such as commercial goods and personal belongings of travelers, the air freight service offers passenger comfort and costs .

It also has the advantages not found in many shipping companies: it is flexible to get the goods faster, which saves a lot of time, making it attractive to others, and therefore offers daily trips from the Wali. Our company, Aryan Express, has a team in the air freight service that is excellent and robust and has the ability to make large shipments.

Air transit .

is working to quickly complete procedures from the governor of various countries as soon as possible. Aryan Express guarantees the rights to goods transported from receipt of them from its headquarters in Dubai to the time of its arrival in Kuwait, providing all means of delivery without any extra costs to its customers. Some other companies also operate. They maintain confidence to satisfy them, as they are fully confident and confident with their things, whether these things are merchandise, personal bags, electronic devices, and other things.

The Aryan Express Shipping Company, the security company, still has these things that need to be preserved in being transported from one place to another without sabotaging them.

Air freight from the Emirates to Kuwait

Safety of cargo in air cargo operations from the United Arab Emirates to Kuwait

When you want to ship any goods or things.

and you have to trust them, and you have to be comfortable and safe, you have to go safely to our prestigious and reliable company, with everyone’s testimony and experience of good handling, it’s our Aryan Express company.

and to be comfortable with the goods you have to go to our Aryan Express and you have all the confidence and security and the comfort of your things it’s a trusted company.

It gives the Aryan Express enough space , to store the goods.

and our company Aryan Express has extra shipping, premium packaging, customs clearance, all the insurance and certification services.

Aryan Express also leases and books daily flights around the world and forms relationships with the airlines to comfort their top customers. You can also ship all your items and purchases of Musical Instruments and sports equipment and ensure that they arrive safely in Kuwait. Our company, Aryan Express, provides the system for packaging until its arrival in Kuwait It is fully responsible for these goods.

How to transport excess cargo by air from the Emirates to Kuwait

Ariane Express offers an overloading service to Kuwait via air freight.

It has enough storage space .

to store the extra weight , and it is able to maintain it .

to save customers the right time and effort at the right economical price for all customers.

It can receive the goods, properties, bags, luggage and all required needs from your headquarters in Kuwait.

They also have a lot of secure, reliable connections .

to the specialized airlines, which gives them the opportunity to help them streamline their shipping procedures and allow them to arrive as quickly as possible, which makes them distinct from other airlines.

Air freight from the Emirates to Kuwait

Advantages of Air cargo from the United Arab Emirates to Kuwait:

Our Aryan Express has a lot of better services .

that set it apart , from other companies.

and that’s just some of the things , that we’re going to be offering:

it’s providing a lot for its customers because it’s trying to scale and scale and it’s making itself a reliable company, and that’s what it’s reaching out to in its competitors.

Where we find the most important thing .

that distinguishes them , from others in the air freight service .

from the Emirates to Kuwait is the speed arrival of the transported goods .

in their full safety and preservation and the absence of any damage until they are delivered to the specified headquarters in Kuwait, since it ensures that shipments are maintained in terms of cost at a symbolic and convenient price for all categories and that delivery is guaranteed on time. 

This makes them one of the best companies that everyone likes to deal honestly, safely, and comfortably with.

The most important thing that distinguishes it , from many others , is the excellent shipping team .

that is creative in doing all the procedures required of them and the shipping operations, and it selects them to have full confidence in their handling, so it’s reassuring in every respect.

Because , it has a lot of characteristics .

that set it apart from other shipping companies that are also notarized, but they don’t have the qualities that Aryan  Express has.

Air freight from sharjah

There are many airfreight companies that ship cargo and excess cargo to passengers from Sharjah to anywhere inside or outside the UAE and vice versa, but Aryan Express Shipping is prepared to do so.  They have many services that facilitate rapid transportation and shipping with great accuracy and efficiency.

Aryan Express Shipping Company features.  It has agents in many countries, whether Arab, Western or Asian, and has expertise in all shipping fields. Air Freight from Sharjah

Some of the passengers have a lot of goods and, stuff and are having trouble shipping, That’s why the Aryan Express Shipping Company provides them. Fast and low-cost shipping instead of the exorbitant costs they incur.

Aryan Express deals in shipping.  It has several airfreight airports, including Sharjah Airport, one of the most important cities in the UAE.

Air Freight from Sharjah

location of Sharjah on the map.

Sharjah is one of the seven constituent emirates of the United Arab Emirates .

and is the third largest of the emirates.

It rises 6 m above sea level and rebounds on a peninsula with the Persian Gulf to its western side .

and the Gulf of Oman to its east.

Features of air freight

-Air freight services are characterized by speed . efficiency and great experience.

Sharjah Airport deals with many internal and external airlines . to facilitate the transportation process .

-It also provides facilities for owners of companies and large sectors .

whether governmental, private or individuals.

Aryan Express Shipping Company L.L.C   is one of the leading companies in the field of freight

Aryan Express L. L.C is one of the most important delivery companies in the UAE .

and is committed to providing Sharjah orders .

Sharjah Airport has many advantages for efficient and flexible delivery . at high speed and accuracy . Aryan Express has a strict commitment to the timeliness of all shipments .

It has a highly qualified team of delegates .

and a large number of cars and motorcycles . to facilitate delivery and it operates 24 hours a day with home delivery .

Air Freight from Sharjah

Aryan Express Shipping Company LLC is the fastest.

 If you want to deliver anything in a record time and fastly .

you should quickly contact Aryan Express Shipping L. L. C without hesitation .

Features of Aryan Express Shipping Company at the Air Freight from Sharjah

 1-Aryan Express cargo Company L.L.C. It has a lot of daily air freight flights to Sharjah . and that helps the cargo delivers very quickly. ..

. 2-Has experience in refrigerated air freight .  

3-Experience and speed in finalizing special customs documents .

and also in importing and exporting permit authorizations.

4-Strict selection to the suitable airlines for transporting trucks .

5-Services are delivered efficiently, in less time and at a lower cost.

6-Provides overloading services to and from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

7-Aryan Express Shipping Company take a good care of the Precious items . their ways of shipping carefully considered for safekeeping .

8-It has high efficiency in packaging . They deliver goods door-to-door very quickly and in a safe ways . to keep items fragile . and corrosive and also keep the items warm until they reach the customer.

Sharjah Air freight Airport

1-Sharjah Air freight Airport has five buildings dedicated to air freight . 

2-It has many cargo depots . so that cargo can be safely and efficiently stored and handled.

3-It has about 13 dedicated air freight airoplanes of large size .

  4-The airport is equipped with all details to receive any type of cargo . whether perishable foodstuffs, dangerous materials . medical medicines, animals, plants, pets, precious items, clothing, or anything.

It is fully equipped

5-Linking and checking systems are in place to facilitate shipping speeds for all users.

6-Additional shipping depots and offices . and administration buildings are also available.

  • 7-It is shipped for all special items such as cars, home furniture, chairs . for people with special needs, offices, electronic and electrical devices . and medical tools for hospitals and clinics from all over the world
Air Freight from Sharjah

Buildings and landing area at Sharjah Airport

 the first building (for leased

operations) :-

It has a space for six trailers that take 8,700 meters. ..

also has warehouses with an area of 7200 square metres. ..

The second building (exports and imports according to RA3):-

  • -The area of the second building is 8700 meters.
  • It has a secure warehouse for valuable shipments .
  • also It has parking space for six trailers.
  • There is an adjustable work station for the main cargo platforms.
  • It has a rotating conveyor with a scale.

Building 3 (Freight fforwarder) :-

  • Its total area is 8803 square metres .
  • The berth area is 1459 square metres-
  • The office area is 500 feet [150 m], each office is 250 feet [250 M].

Building 4 (Customs and Import Movement):-

  • It has a total area of 5742 feet [52,742 m] .
  •  Reservoirs are 3,802 feet [382 m] wide .
  • It has two office sections, one is at 990 feet [90 m] and the other is at 990 feet [990 m].
  • It has refrigerators [17 cu m] and refrigerators [24 cu m] for small shipments.
  • has four refrigerators, size 17 cubic feet .
  • It has a parking for only three trailers .

Building 5 (Outbound Ooperation) :-

  • It covers an area of 8729 feet [8729 m] .
  • The warehouses cover an area of 6120 feet [6,120 m] .
  •  has an X-ray device to examine charges It.
  •  Has a warehouse for hazardous and radioactive materials .
  •  It has its own trailer park for six trailers .
  • It has a CEIV-certified warehouse for pharmaceutical and health products.

Sharjah Airport also has the following features for the Air Freight from Sharjah

  • An Animal Escort
  • Its area is 5100 square metres.
  •  Storage area 891 meters.
  • has six animal pens, each measuring 96 feet [96 m].
  • It’s got a pet and bird area.
  • has a bee and honey area.
  • It has cages to examine animals and birds.
  • It has a cattle handling system.

Public facilities

  • Forklifts to carry 15 tons.
  • Parking for 13 planes.
  • Places for the delivery of trucks to recipients.
  • Modern scales.
  • Electric rotary belts.
  •  Charging pallets.
  • A restaurant and a mosque.
  • Trailers air freight and car parks.
  • Shipping waiting area while preparing shipments.
  • Animal chaperone.                                

Customs authorities are the first gateway for goods .

and This is why Aryan Express Shipping Company is considered one of the most important rapid customs clearance companies .

Sharjah Airport has its own depots for goods .

that are subject to customs . and to manufacturing operations without paying customs duties.

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