Air freight

 What is meant by air freight?

Cargo shipping means that , it’s easy for goods to move from one place to another .

and from one country , to another .

using aircraft designed to transport all kinds of goods in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

And so it goes beyond the concept of air freight because it includes other services .

not just transportation, but a holistic concept of all necessary operations..

From the transport currency , to the process of packing , loading , storage , refrigeration , inspection , customs clearance and all operations .

that finally end with the receipt of the goods at their designated destination..

Air freight

The impact of air freight on economic fields

Undoubtedly , the development of the world around us.

and the openness of the world , to each other . until it became like a small village .

helped in the emergence of services .

Air freight services , offer the ease of exchanging products between countries .

and providing , all the products needed .

to facilitate people’s lives and keep them abreast of the latest developments in the world. This means that shipping continues to develop throughout the ages in order to upgrade the services provided. It is an important factor in stimulating trade.

Air freight

Air freight

The air freight service provides ease, speed and high efficiency in transporting goods and commodities of various shapes and sizes, starting with medical supplies and equipment going  from high perishable goods to high volume goods.

Aryan Express provides equipment and aircraft that can safely serve the cargo and delivery of products, providing freight agents from all over the world contracted by companies that transport all kinds of goods, ensuring total safety.

Air freight

Air freight mechanism

The air freight process , is carried out using equipment and supplies .

most notably airports equipped with the latest developments and equipment.

The goods are placed in shipping containers,

or continerates , rectangular boxes made of iron and steel . designed to withstand . all the harshness conditions .

Available in all sizes , and with standard specifications .

to ensure high quality and safety during shipment .

containers are sized , according to cargo sizes , and loaded onto gigantic airplanes .

You can load thousands of containers at a time. This type of shipping ensures speed, accessibility to all areas without any hassle. Ayan Express  is able to match cost and delivery date with an assurance of competitive prices

Air freight

Types and methods of shipping goods through Aryan Express.

 Aryan  Express , provides air transportation service to various parts of the earth .

the ability to ship all products and goods, and a guarantee of safe transportation.

Aryan Express provides speed shipping and tracking .

from the start to delivery . and offers a variety of complementary and essential shipping services .

such as the preparation of all required documents , customs clearance , transportation , packaging ,

and storage in a secure manner . without damage or damage.

This means saving customers time and effort and not exposing them to unexpected material losses and damage.

The scope of providing services through Aryan Express

 Aryan Express , offers air freight service .

to all parts of the world and one of the most important examples in the Arab world .

and the countries of the Middle East is UAE.

An example in the Western world is America.

– America

 Aryan Express provides freight agents , at the highest level .

through which goods and merchandise are delivered to and from America .

in all its provinces and states , and this is done.

 through Baltimore Airport , San Antonio International and St. Louis


Goods are handled and shipped to and from the United Arab Emirates .

through freight agents .

located throughout the Emirates throughout the shipping  agents located in the UAE .

around the time cater for customers , are shipped to and from the UAE via various airports such as Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain International Airport, Sharjah and Dubai.

Exclusive integrated services provided by Aryan Express Company.

 The role of Aryan Express is not limited to loading and transporting goods ,

to and from aircraft but rather its role and services go beyond that .

Not to mention the expensive customs procedures .

and you can take advantage , of a variety of services from Aryan Express .

to provide a cargo insurance service .

this protects the goods from damage and also serves storage in company warehouses .

in different countries under certain conditions that guarantee the preservation of the goods.

Customs with all imported and exported goods .

through the availability of customs intermediaries facilitates procedures .

processes payments on behalf of customers .

and provides a commercial invoice that includes shipper information , communication routes , precise and detailed shipping details , export date , and destination of delivery .

This can speed up cargo liberalization procedures,

ensure delivery on time without delay or unexpectedly high customs duties .

and ensure that goods reach your warehouse.

Aryan Express also provides :

proper packaging and storage .

of goods in company stores around the world ensuring that all the necessary burdens are born .

Aryan Express makes every possible effort to improve shipping and achieve customer satisfaction.

Air freight

Customs clearance service at Aryan Express

The customs clearance process is one of the most important obstacles .

facing individuals and emerging institutions at the beginning of their work .

Providing a variety of services that provide customer comfort and effort .

from advising on all customs related issues to dealing fully on behalf of clients.

a major service here:

– Reducing the time required for the availability and receipt of shipments

– Availability of a working team equipped and trained to deal with the customs system .

such as the availability of customs brokers at the airports.

  Providing an electronic communication network .

that allows direct and quick interaction with the customs institution. Providing all the documents required by the customs authority, such as the statement of profanity, invoices

We Provid advicing to clients on how to deal with all customs issues.

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