Air freight from sharjah

There are many airfreight companies that ship cargo and excess cargo to passengers from Sharjah to anywhere inside or outside the UAE and vice versa, but Aryan Express Shipping is prepared to do so.  They have many services that facilitate rapid transportation and shipping with great accuracy and efficiency.

Aryan Express Shipping Company features.  It has agents in many countries, whether Arab, Western or Asian, and has expertise in all shipping fields. Air Freight from Sharjah

Some of the passengers have a lot of goods and, stuff and are having trouble shipping, That’s why the Aryan Express Shipping Company provides them. Fast and low-cost shipping instead of the exorbitant costs they incur.

Aryan Express deals in shipping.  It has several airfreight airports, including Sharjah Airport, one of the most important cities in the UAE.

Air Freight from Sharjah

location of Sharjah on the map.

Sharjah is one of the seven constituent emirates of the United Arab Emirates .

and is the third largest of the emirates.

It rises 6 m above sea level and rebounds on a peninsula with the Persian Gulf to its western side .

and the Gulf of Oman to its east.

Features of air freight

-Air freight services are characterized by speed . efficiency and great experience.

Sharjah Airport deals with many internal and external airlines . to facilitate the transportation process .

-It also provides facilities for owners of companies and large sectors .

whether governmental, private or individuals.

Aryan Express Shipping Company L.L.C   is one of the leading companies in the field of freight

Aryan Express L. L.C is one of the most important delivery companies in the UAE .

and is committed to providing Sharjah orders .

Sharjah Airport has many advantages for efficient and flexible delivery . at high speed and accuracy . Aryan Express has a strict commitment to the timeliness of all shipments .

It has a highly qualified team of delegates .

and a large number of cars and motorcycles . to facilitate delivery and it operates 24 hours a day with home delivery .

Air Freight from Sharjah

Aryan Express Shipping Company LLC is the fastest.

 If you want to deliver anything in a record time and fastly .

you should quickly contact Aryan Express Shipping L. L. C without hesitation .

Features of Aryan Express Shipping Company at the Air Freight from Sharjah

 1-Aryan Express cargo Company L.L.C. It has a lot of daily air freight flights to Sharjah . and that helps the cargo delivers very quickly. ..

. 2-Has experience in refrigerated air freight .  

3-Experience and speed in finalizing special customs documents .

and also in importing and exporting permit authorizations.

4-Strict selection to the suitable airlines for transporting trucks .

5-Services are delivered efficiently, in less time and at a lower cost.

6-Provides overloading services to and from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

7-Aryan Express Shipping Company take a good care of the Precious items . their ways of shipping carefully considered for safekeeping .

8-It has high efficiency in packaging . They deliver goods door-to-door very quickly and in a safe ways . to keep items fragile . and corrosive and also keep the items warm until they reach the customer.

Sharjah Air freight Airport

1-Sharjah Air freight Airport has five buildings dedicated to air freight . 

2-It has many cargo depots . so that cargo can be safely and efficiently stored and handled.

3-It has about 13 dedicated air freight airoplanes of large size .

  4-The airport is equipped with all details to receive any type of cargo . whether perishable foodstuffs, dangerous materials . medical medicines, animals, plants, pets, precious items, clothing, or anything.

It is fully equipped

5-Linking and checking systems are in place to facilitate shipping speeds for all users.

6-Additional shipping depots and offices . and administration buildings are also available.

  • 7-It is shipped for all special items such as cars, home furniture, chairs . for people with special needs, offices, electronic and electrical devices . and medical tools for hospitals and clinics from all over the world
Air Freight from Sharjah

Buildings and landing area at Sharjah Airport

 the first building (for leased

operations) :-

It has a space for six trailers that take 8,700 meters. ..

also has warehouses with an area of 7200 square metres. ..

The second building (exports and imports according to RA3):-

  • -The area of the second building is 8700 meters.
  • It has a secure warehouse for valuable shipments .
  • also It has parking space for six trailers.
  • There is an adjustable work station for the main cargo platforms.
  • It has a rotating conveyor with a scale.

Building 3 (Freight fforwarder) :-

  • Its total area is 8803 square metres .
  • The berth area is 1459 square metres-
  • The office area is 500 feet [150 m], each office is 250 feet [250 M].

Building 4 (Customs and Import Movement):-

  • It has a total area of 5742 feet [52,742 m] .
  •  Reservoirs are 3,802 feet [382 m] wide .
  • It has two office sections, one is at 990 feet [90 m] and the other is at 990 feet [990 m].
  • It has refrigerators [17 cu m] and refrigerators [24 cu m] for small shipments.
  • has four refrigerators, size 17 cubic feet .
  • It has a parking for only three trailers .

Building 5 (Outbound Ooperation) :-

  • It covers an area of 8729 feet [8729 m] .
  • The warehouses cover an area of 6120 feet [6,120 m] .
  •  has an X-ray device to examine charges It.
  •  Has a warehouse for hazardous and radioactive materials .
  •  It has its own trailer park for six trailers .
  • It has a CEIV-certified warehouse for pharmaceutical and health products.

Sharjah Airport also has the following features for the Air Freight from Sharjah

  • An Animal Escort
  • Its area is 5100 square metres.
  •  Storage area 891 meters.
  • has six animal pens, each measuring 96 feet [96 m].
  • It’s got a pet and bird area.
  • has a bee and honey area.
  • It has cages to examine animals and birds.
  • It has a cattle handling system.

Public facilities

  • Forklifts to carry 15 tons.
  • Parking for 13 planes.
  • Places for the delivery of trucks to recipients.
  • Modern scales.
  • Electric rotary belts.
  •  Charging pallets.
  • A restaurant and a mosque.
  • Trailers air freight and car parks.
  • Shipping waiting area while preparing shipments.
  • Animal chaperone.                                

Customs authorities are the first gateway for goods .

and This is why Aryan Express Shipping Company is considered one of the most important rapid customs clearance companies .

Sharjah Airport has its own depots for goods .

that are subject to customs . and to manufacturing operations without paying customs duties.

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